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What is Different Here?

Live data
Direct link into the Alaska MLS system.  Data changes in the Alaska MLS are made available instantly.

Restricted Documents
 Asbuilt surveys, property disclosures, inspections are available.

Free Registration
You will not be asked to pay to access this site.

High Resolution Photos
The quality of the original image stays intact.

Saved Searches
 Create your own custom searches and save them for later.

Auto Notifications
Get notified automatically when new listings hit the market.

Knowledgeable support 
 Experienced Broker that knows Alaska Real Estate.

Tailored Searches
Custom searches available upon request.

Want More?  We listen to our users. 
Make a suggestion and we have the ability to add new searches and features for a better experience.  Just let us know!

Recent Posts

Foreclosure List

I was browsing the internet this evening looking at what is offered for foreclosure information. There seems to be a lot of sites that offer a foreclosure list that you either have to pay for or sign up to get. A couple days ago I was reviewing data on one such well known site that […]

Search Tips

Do not use too many search options.  It is easy to miss out on the perfect property if you make your searches too restrictive.  For example, if you need 4 bedrooms and made that a requirement you might miss out on your dream home that has 3 bedrooms and a den that could be used as […]

Timing may be Critical

The old adage, early bird gets the worm often applies to who gets the good deal when buying real estate.  Once a listing is posted it often takes a few days for the property to get viewed.  The problem occurs when the property is viewed 2 or 3 days later by more than one potential […]

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